A Lifestyle of Prayer

Luke 9:18 “Now it happened that as he was praying alone, the disciples were with him…”

My thoughts: I came upon this verse and could not move past it. How is it that a person can be alone and still have other people with him? Can someone defy the laws of human reasoning and be two places at the same time? Jesus knew the art of prayer- being alone with God in constant fellowship, even when other people were around. Though His physical body was caught up in the earth, His Spirit was united with God in Heaven. He was alone with God. To get alone with God, we must first find time in prayer, away from this world. Before we can pray alone with God in the midst of people, we must learn to pray alone when no one is watching us. When we pray, let us pray about everything and everyone. Let us pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ- those who are persecuted and in chains for their faith. Let us pray for our loved ones who need God to breakthrough into their seemingly hopeless situation. Let us pray for the salvation of those who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior (both in the church and outside the church), but wander aimlessly in this world. Let us pray for revival, that the presence of God would be restored in His churches! Let us pray that God would empower us to do His will on the earth, no matter what the cost! Let us pray for all of this and much more! Prayer connects us with God. In prayer, God hears us and we position ourselves to hear Him. Let us pray at all times, even when our circumstances are ideal. Many people wait to pray until difficult times. Therefore, they delay their faith in the good times. We cannot have faith in the bad times if we do not pray to God during the good. If we do not have an intimate relationship with God, the devil will use our lack of passion for God as an opportunity to offer us the fleeting pleasures of this life. If we do not receive the strength of God which comes through prayer and reading His Word with faith, we will not be strong enough to resist the devil. 
The amount of time we spend in prayer does not dictate the distance we go with God. Sincere passion and desire for God is what leads us closer to Him. Sincere passion and desire are not limited by time, but search for God everyday. Even in the busyness of saving the world, Jesus found time to pray. He was in two places at one time- caught up in Heaven with God and on earth with his brethren.
Do not allow what you see in the natural to stop Your from praying with faith! If our faith is in God, we will pray. If our faith is in the current circumstances, then we will blame the situation on God or pray a faithless prayer. Let us remember that God came into the world and we crucified Him on a cross. Still in response to rejection, He continued to pray! Let us learn from His example and pursue a lifestyle of constant prayer and devotion to God!

I conclude with this statement: if we are not praying then we will never hear what God is saying! 


5 thoughts on “A Lifestyle of Prayer

  1. “The amount of time we spend in prayer does not dictate the distance we go with God. Sincere passion and desire for God is what leads us closer to Him.”

    This is another word in season from you. Thank you, brother.

    David NY


      1. Chuck, if you ever get a chance, shoot me an email. There are some things I think might encourage you that I can share with you… if ever you have some time. Either way.. Father bless you!



  2. This was a blessing. Thank you for being willing to count the cost. I am going though a season of learning to be alone in the midst of people and this was a gentle reminder. Than you.


  3. This was really good! Thank you! I have experienced this truth, and it does take you to a more intimate place with the Lord even in the hard times. Rather than doubting, we can Trust and rest in Him still.


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