See The Cross

John 12:3 “Then Mary took a twelve-ounce jar of expensive perfume made from essence of nard, and she anointed Jesus’ feet with it, wiping his feet with her hair. The house was filled with the fragrance.” 

My thoughts: Jewish women were not supposed to let down their hair in public. When she cried at the feet of Jesus and wiped away the tears with her hair, it was a sign of humility. However, to her culture it was a sign of disrespect. Real worship lets go of dignity and social acceptance. Real worship is not afraid to look foolish in the eyes of men (2 Samuel 6:20,21). Foolishness is not a lack of proper etiquette. Foolishness is the result of empty living. Obviously Mary was full of something! Whatever she had far outweighed the cost of perfume that is equivalent to $10,000 in our day. How is it that we become comfortable in the house of God? Has our worship become nonchalant and senseless? 
This is not about being proper, but about being reverent. Reverence results in relevant worship. Is our God-inspired and God-wired? How do we adapt when God Himself enters the room? What cultural line will we cross to enter His presence? What are we willing to give to the One who canceled our debt and led us out of bankruptcy? Is God more than a definition in the dictionary to us? Has He redefined our worship? We don’t owe God good manners. We owe Him real passion. God is not looking for political correctness! He is on the lookout for passionate individuals. Our social acceptance does not result in God’s acceptance.

The house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume Mary poured out! In the same way, our passionate pursuit of God shifts the atmosphere. It changes the aroma of dead religion to the sweet perfume of Heaven! Pastors- The atmosphere of your church service won’t shift until your passion lifts! Stop expecting God to move when you don’t move a muscle. Many of us are not ready to pay the cost because we do not see the cross. 
Mary poured out expensive perfume because she saw the value in Christ. She did not emphasize the cost because she saw the goodness of God. If we do not understand what Jesus did for us, then we will not give Him everything. Let us return to Calvary, where the blood of Jesus was spilt for our transgressions. Let us humbly pour out a meaningful offering of our affection for all that He has done. Let the selfless act of Mary be an inspiration in your walk with God today.


2 thoughts on “See The Cross

  1. Well said, Chuck.

    Shining some light on the darker areas of our “fellowship” is not very popular these days. Soulish worship has become the next way we seek to hide from our pains and carnality and all under the guise of spiritual expression and intimacy.

    Father is drawing us out in this generation though. your words are filled with His goodness. Keep drawing us out…

    David NY


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