Approach God As A Child

John 6:9 “There’s a young boy here with five barley loaves and two fish. But what good is that with this huge crowd?”

My thoughts: According to the Gospel account of Mark, it was late in the afternoon and the disciples wanted to send the people home where they would buy food in the villages. In response, Jesus said to His disciples “You feed them.” John is the only Gospel account that mentions a “little boy” or “child” as the one with the five barley loaves and two fish. Jesus took the food from the child. The disciples dispersed the food among the crowds of people. This is important to note. I find it interesting that a child held the food that Jesus would multiply for thousands. The boy was willing to let Jesus take his bread and fish. He did not say “Master, that’s my dinner!” No, he let Him take it all. I pray that I am meek like a child. I want God to take everything I have, though it may seem little, and accomplish something great with it! Andrew said “what good is that with this huge crowd?” God loves to take what seems small and do great wonders with it! He is not looking for greatness, but for meekness! In the same way, great numbers in a church service mean nothing if we do not approach God as little children. He cannot use what we have if we do not give it to Him! He uses the lowly to bring Himself glory. Will we give all that we have for all that He is? The five loaves of bread and two fish would feed the multitudes. Everyone, including the child, ate as much as they wanted! If we are faithful to give, God will bless us in return! Some of us hold onto what we have as if it is ours. Is it really our time? Is it really our money? Is it really our schedule? If we live for Jesus, is not everything we have already His? The little boy had enough for himself and was ready to eat a good dinner. Still, he gave. Let us not be selfish and hold onto something God never intended for us to keep. Remember, it was five loaves of bread and two fish that fed the thousands. It does not matter if we consider ourselves to be great. We must only see the greatness of our God to use what seems small for His glory. Don’t underestimate the power of God to use what seems small. Approach God as a little child, willing to give it all! 
Application Questions: Do I let God use everything I am for His glory? Do I give like a little child in love with His father or do I consider myself too “mature” and “wise” to give Him everything? 


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