More Than Mere Optimism

John 11:4 “When he heard this, Jesus said, “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.””‭‭

My thoughts: Although Lazarus died, death was not his ultimate conclusion. Instead, his death was a platform for God’s redemptive power. Lazarus was dead, yet Jesus brought him to life. Imagine how much more He can breathe life into our seemingly hopeless situations! Praise God that the cross did not conclude the Gospel message! Instead, it was an opportunity for Christ to defeat the grave! When it seems like we have reached the end, God uses our situations to show off His goodness. Give God permission to show up and show off His power. Many people miss the potential of God’s power in a situation because they believe it is God’s will for them to suffer. 

When Jesus said “this happened for God’s glory”, I don’t believe He meant that God initiated the sickness. Although He could, there are not many biblical accounts of God sending sickness for the sake of accomplishing His will. As for today, I do not believe God is searching for people to strike with disease. In the Bible, Jesus never said to anyone “You must suffer this sickness because of your many sins” or “God is sending sickness to your home!” No. Instead, He healed everyone. Many Christians conclude “It is God’s will for you to be sick” because their faith is really in the current circumstances, not the redemptive power of Christ. 
When Jesus said “it happened for the glory of God”, I believe that He is talking about a perspective of faith. He saw the good in every bad situation. This is not mere optimism. This declaration is the result of a faith filled life! He did not say “There is no hope for Lazarus.” No, He understood the readiness of God’s power to invade at any given moment. His life was not dominated with anxiety, but with a faith that worked miracles. What if we had faith like that?
During times of hardship, let us say- “this happened for the glory of God.” Don’t give the devil any credit. Keep declaring “I will give God all the glory!” This kind of faith scares away darkness. Let God take what the devil intended for evil and turn it around into something beautiful. God is notorious for His mysterious wonders! Don’t talk as if the devil is winning! Remember that God has already won the war. Proclaim this over you life- “This situation will not end in my spiritual death! God will receive all of the praise.” Let every situation be for the glory of God so that when the bad ones come you have already developed a natural response to Him in the midst of chaos. What is our perspective during difficult times? Do we believe that God can take our bad situations and turn them into something good? How will we give glory to God in our circumstances?


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