The Humility Of Moses

Numbers 12:3 “Now Moses was very humble- more humble than any other person on earth.”
My thoughts: Without humility, our laborious efforts to reach God will be in vain. Our gatherings will draw multitudes looking for self-esteem preaching. Our services will attract dead people and wound them even more with selfish doctrines set on fire by Hell. My prayer is not for people to attend church, but for the church to humble itself! I said it before, and I will say it again: our nation doesn’t need the church in it’s current state. The church needs God in His continual state! The American people are “need for nothing” and expect pastors to meet their spiritual needs. Moses met with God, heard His voice, and was a messenger to God’s people. Moses could accomplish feats for God because he came to the end of himself. If I am going to be the most humble man, I must be the most broken one! Everyday must be completely about God. Every second must be directed by the God of Angel Armies! I must be completely abandoned to the plans and purposes of my Lord and Savior. This brokenness is not because of man, or a result of circumstances, but is a beautiful place of surrender before God alone. Brokenness does not come overnight, but is the result of long hours in prayer. Brokenness comes as we are crushed underneath the love of God! The love of God breaks down every high place we have built up. A sane man cannot stand underneath the weightiness of God’s love. His love searches the depths of each heart and reveals our innermost thoughts! Moses was humble and broken before God. Moses was a great leader because He followed God day and night! He prevailed long hours on Mount Sinai and was a mediator between God and His people! Moses was burdened for the people of Israel. How can we be burdened for other people if we are still bound in sin? Instead of being burdened for them, we will be burdened with them. Where are the mediators who will intercede for a broken nation bound in darkness? Don’t we understand that the Holy Spirit intercedes through His people? God’s people should be His partners in prayer. Where are the people willing to crucify themselves in prayer? Where are the warriors willing to intercede for a people on the verge of destruction? Are we really who we pray we are? Do our lives validate the depths of our prayer life? Do we let the Fire of God purge our souls and drain us of our will to live apart from Him? It takes a humble man to pray for someone other than himself. It takes a broken man to search his heart and soul for wandering. This is not a matter of how long we pray, but of how deep we pray. Depth usually results in length. However, length does not determine depth. Humility and prayer go hand in hand. God opposes the proud, yet favors the humble! If I am going to be any man, I want to be a humble and broken one! My prayer is for the humility of Moses. 


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