The Greatest Word

Mark 4:7 “And the seed that fell on good soil represents those who hear and accept God’s word and produce a harvest of thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times as much as had been planted!”
My thoughts: The problem today isn’t the amount of Word delivered, but its reproduction in our lives. This is not only about gathering what we need. Subsistence farming doesn’t work in a Kingdom that is ever increasing. While God is enough for us, He wants the world to know that He is enough for them. God rains down blessings so we could be a blessing to others. If we receive a sufficient amount for ourselves, our immediate response should be to scatter the seed He gave us. Everything we gather from Him we should scatter for Him. The truth is though, we cannot give a Word we aren’t willing to receive. Before His Word can produce a substance through us, it must become a sustenance to us. We cannot nourish His Word if we don’t have good soil! When the Word reaches soft soil, the multiplication effect is endless! Soft soil is the ground of a saved man; someone defeated by the love of Christ. Without cultivation the Word won’t experience reproduction. We cultivate the Word of God through prayer and fasting. Our passion to know God becomes the gateway for multitudes to know Him also. Knowing God isn’t only for personal growth, but also for the transformation of others. A large harvest sounds good to most Christians, while a lifestyle of surrender doesn’t. If we only understood that the two go hand in hand! We cannot produce a harvest without cultivation. We cannot cultivate His Word without sincere devotion to God! The Word produced through cultivation is more than mere phrases of human wisdom. It is a revelation from Heaven that is backed up by our commitment to Jesus. Our lifestyle validates the authenticity of God’s Word. It proves to the world that we carry a treasure! We cannot convince a wayward generation with tracts or social gatherings sponsored by dead religion. Without a life testimony, our meaningless attempts will intoxicate the atmosphere with compromise. This seedless Christianity will comfort sinners in their complacency, never calling them to a higher standard. Why would people live by a standard we ourselves haven’t even submitted to? Before the world will start listening to us, we must begin listening to God. Before the world will want what we have, we must desire what God has. Before they will believe in His reality, we must allow Him to transform our own. The greatest Word we will ever deliver is a lifestyle of abandonment to Jesus. The sincerity of our walk will bring forth a harvest for the multitudes. 


2 thoughts on “The Greatest Word

  1. These are words coming from Dad’s heart, Chuck.

    Humbly- I’d like to share some thoughts to ponder, and hopefully encourage you in.

    The main problem you will encounter in this generation is not that Christians won’t read what you share, or hear what you speak. Rather it will be that the Church does not want to discuss things that make her lifestyle uncomfortable. Please do not get discouraged in your burning to share what is on Father’s heart. Those called to speak forth the Truth that is needed for each given hour will always, to a degree, be at odds with the rest of the Body.

    This is part of your calling… try to surround yourself with others that have a similar heart. As it is, you will have trouble finding others who are willing to disciple your gifts and cultivate the Holy Spirit moving through you without trying to make you conform to dead religion.

    It is a revelation of His love revealed to His Bride that will shake us from our sleep. You are one of those called to display this. You are doing fine.

    I bear witness to your call to repentance and to your words. Your heart is encouraging to hear and see.

    God bless you brother,

    David NY


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