Have We Become Flavorless?

Matthew 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless.”
My thoughts: As the salt of the earth, we must remember- the source of our flavor comes from a relationship with God. We will not have flavor until we start savoring God’s goodness. The truth is, we cannot offer a flavor we aren’t tasting. If we don’t taste of God’s goodness, we can’t radiate His goodness. There isn’t an artificial substitute for the presence of God. The flavor and authenticity of His presence is what makes us the salt of the earth. Without it, our attempts at making disciples are in vain. Without it, we will be run down by our culture. We are worthless for building God’s Kingdom until we start showing Him worth. Salt (NaCl) can only lose its’ saltiness when it dissolves in water and materializes with another element. In fact, through this process it becomes something other than salt. In the same way, we lose our flavor as Christians when we absorb the culture. We become apart of the culture when it becomes a part of us. Through this process of assimilation, we grow into children of a flavorless, whitewashed “Christianity” run by the devil. Instead of permeating the darkness, we embrace it. By doing this, we blend in with the crowd and stop tasting of God’s goodness! Nothing distinguishes us. The world has more passion and flavor than most churches today! Although their flavors are artificial, we look dead compared to them. No wonder so many Christians are unattractive, lifeless people! We have stopped tasting of God’s goodness. How can we offer the world something we don’t even have? Why would the world stop tasting of falsehood, when many of us offer them a flavorless Christianity? Have we lost our saltiness? The world will reach us before we reach them if we resist an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. God will make our tasteless Christianity salty again when we stop tasting of this world.  


One thought on “Have We Become Flavorless?

  1. This is amazing young men what a joy it is to hear his messages. If you want to know the true..listen to his word but to make the words work…you must do…do….do…do what God has laid on his heart to share with us today….i was losing my salt..on my knees i am asking for it back now..thank u Charlies for the word…i need it..love you my brother


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