A New Song

Psalm 96:11 “Sing a new song to the LORD! Let the whole earth sing to the LORD!”My thoughts: If I’m not singing a new song to God everyday, then my relationship with Him has become stagnant. We cannot sing a new song about someone we don’t know intimately. A new song doesn’t necessarily result in new lyrics or different melodies, but overflows from a position of humility and an ever-renewing vision of God. The Angels in Heaven cannot stop singing “Holy is the Lord!” because they know who they are looking at. If we don’t know the God we are singing to, then our praises are recitations without revelation. A renewed vision of God is what makes a new song more than a recitation of words and phrases. Before we see more of God, we must willingly turn our eyes away from what distorts our image of Him. Intimacy with God is what brings clarity to our relationship with Him. Clarity comes when we see the reality of God and understand our futility without Him. In this place of understanding, we can sing a new song – a song that reaches Heaven and pulls on the heart of God; a song that draws us into the secret place and whispers the name of our Father; a song that plays the melody of a barely beating heart and brings resurrection because of its authority in Christ. Nothing new comes from people that stay the same. What will your song be? 


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