Stopping Corruption 

Luke 22:6 “So he agreed and began looking for an opportunity to betray Jesus so they could arrest him when the crowds weren’t around.”

My thoughts: You don’t normally find crowds of people in the middle of the night. The crowds of people supporting Jesus would be asleep and resting in silence. Judas was afraid of attacking in the light because darkness was his dwelling place. I believe he betrayed Jesus in the darkness because it was comfortable to him. Corruption hides itself behind closed doors and then comes without warning. Corrupt people look for an opportunity to attack when everything is at peace. Corrupt people pursue the innocent and are inspired by the devil. The devil is a coward and will only attack from places of darkness, although he disguises himself as an angel of light. Corruption can strike at a moments notice. This is why it is necessary for the church to live in constant prayer. If we only pray during the aftermath of corruption, we miss our opportunity to cut it off before it prospers. Our prayers are needed during such a time as this. The saints of God have been given authority to cut off and silence every oppressor before it has the chance to speak. Instead of waiting for darkness to speak, we have been called to rebuke it by the power of Jesus name. The only sound we should hear from darkness is a screech at the power of our prayers. The power of our prayer is determined by the level of our intimacy with Christ. If we don’t fear God, darkness definitely won’t fear us. Instead of living in fear of the darkness, we are called to press into the light of Jesus. The only authority darkness will have in our lives is the dominance we give it. If darkness is prevalent in our own lives, it is because we have abandoned the light of Christ. If darkness fears His name, then we should also. The only difference is, when we fear His name, we are given the power to overcome. The problem today isn’t that Christians don’t know the power of Jesus’ name, but that many won’t exercise His authority over darkness. God will listen to faith-filled prayers! He will send His angels to dismantle every stronghold of darkness. Will we use the authority He has given us to stop corruption and expose the darkness hidden?


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