Outward Response Of An Inward Transformation 

Luke 5:39 “Standing at her bedside, he rebuked the fever, and it left her. And she got up at once and prepared a meal for them.”
My thoughts: Peter’s mother-in-law became a servant after receiving the healing. Her faith to receive the healing was confirmed by her response after the healing. She wasn’t content with staying in her bed after the fever left! Many “Christians” remain in a state of spiritual nothingness, yet still claim to be followers of Christ. We aren’t following Christ if we are comfortable doing nothing for Him. It was because of the healing that Peter’s mother-in-law got up from her bed. Faith produces an outward response as the result of an inward transformation. Notice how she immediately got up and prepared the food. There is no time to waste in a world that is wasting away. If we are content with staying in our “beds” then the world is going to stay content with the way they live. Peter’s mother-in-law served them something they didn’t have before. If we don’t offer the world anything different then what they have, then they aren’t going to change the way they live. We will never reach the world by conforming to their ways of life, but by allowing Christ to transform us into His image. Peter’s mother-in-law offered the people something that would satisfy them immediately. While the world offers us temporary pleasures, the presence of God brings us freedom right now. His presence surpasses anything the world has to offer us and satisfies the longing inside of our souls. Anyone who has a sincere relationship with God will experience His presence. Until we get a desperation for the presence of God, our attempts to help the lost will be in vain. Before we can change the world, we must allow God to change the way we live. 


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