The Cleansing Blood Of Jesus

Mark 9:3 “And his clothes became dazzling white, far whiter than any earthly bleach could ever make them.”
My thoughts: Jesus was dazzling in white clothing from Heaven, not an outfit made by one of His disciples. The fact that He was wearing white reveals His perfection and readiness to die for the sins of the world. Jesus could not become perfect. He always was, and always is perfect! No matter how hard we attempt to cover up our sins, we will still remain unclean on the inside. Who cares if we look clean to our peers, yet remain disgusting inside? The blood of Jesus is necessary for the filth of our sins. If we don’t allow His blood to cover our sins, then we will stay on a long, self-destructive road. We will live our lives attempting to be someone only God can create us into. The blood of Jesus cleanses and covers our sins. Our meaningless attempts at life without God will pollute our ego and reveal our desperate need for His blood. Today, many Christians wear the bleached clothes of their culture to church, but neglect the authentic blood of Jesus that can cleanse them of all their sins. There isn’t an easy way out of our relationship with God. We cannot throw the bleach of our culture on what looks dirty. We must stop trying to cover what God sees. Let’s throw off the artificial white clothes of our culture and receive the atoning blood of Jesus that washes us whiter than snow. 


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