The Value Of Prayer

Colossians 4:2″ Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart”
My thoughts: Being alert to world events shouldn’t lead us into fear or discouragement, but should trigger wholehearted prayer. If prayer isn’t a part of our lives, then God isn’t either. If we aren’t praying then we have no right to call ourselves Christians. God wants us to pray about everything. Keeping ourselves updated with world events is a bad thing if it doesn’t deepen our prayer life. Being alert does our world no good if it doesn’t lead us into prayer. First we must identify the problem and then intercede for the power of God to break through in that situation. It’s difficult to pray to God when our faith isn’t rooted in Him. If we fear man and refuse God, we will have trouble praying. Prayer strengthens us a people and deepens our faith in God. It is what knits us together and connects us closely with Him. If we aren’t connected with God, then we are especially close with what He hates. Prayer isn’t only a time of petitioning with God, but also a time of thanksgiving. Our prayers should mainly consist of thanking Him for all He has done, or thanking Him in advance for what He is going to do. Instead of complaining about the current circumstances, approach God in prayer! Listen to what He has to say! Pour out your heart before Him and let Him lead your into a place of peace and perfect submission to His plans. I am convinced that our prayers can change the course of history. God is more than able to intervene on our behalf. He is only looking for people that will devote themselves to prayer more than once a week. 


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