Claims Influenced By Expectation

Jeremiah 29:16 “You claim that the Lord has raised up prophets for you in Babylon.”

My thoughts: What we claim to know and what is actually occuring can many times be completely different. Our claims don’t mean anything to people who know the information is invalid. What we claim to see is usually influenced by what we came to see. For example, pretend I was on a search for the legendary “Bigfoot” through a dark forest with a group of friends at night. As we are walking through the woods, in the corner of our eyes we see an unusual beast of some sort. We hear it make a distinct sound and immediately snap a photo of what we have seen. We claim on social media and to the world that we found the beast, yet find out a few months later after careful investigation that it was a large mother bear calling for her cubs. What we expected influenced our claim. Another example- If I was looking for wrong in what my pastor was saying on a Sunday morning, that would impact the way I listen to the message and interfere with how I respond. What we want to see also plays a major role in what we claim to see. Israel claimed that God had raised up prophets when the “prophets” were people speaking what was popular and invalid. Israel put their trust in people who claimed what was false because they wanted a message without conviction! Just because someone has an important title doesn’t mean their claims are valid! Invalid claims don’t mean anything to people who are specifically looking for an easy way out. There is no easy way out in a relationship with God. We must be careful that wrong expectations and selfish desires don’t interfere with what we claim. If we allow them to, we could lead many people astray, especially if we are born leaders. I pray that my claims are according to what God sees, not what I see or want to see.


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