The Willing

2 Chronicles 17:16 “And next to him was Amasiah the sin of Zichri, who willingly offered himself to the Lord, and with him two hundred thousand men of valor.”

My thoughts: This is the only verse in the entire Bible where Amasiah is mentioned. His willingness to serve God was the only thing ever recorded about him in the Bible. What would we want to be said about us if our names were recorded in history? Would we stand among the willing? Would we be someone who stood up for Jesus when everyone else encouraged us to live for the world? The willing don’t wait for their friends to approve of their passion for God. The willing don’t back down from the challenge when God calls them to step up. The willing aren’t afraid to look foolish for their Father in Heaven. The willing don’t live for the opinions of man. The willing don’t let their feelings dictate their walk with God. The willing aren’t afraid to speak the unpopular, yet uncompromising truth. The willing surround themselves with other willing people. The willing make decisions based off of what God wants. The willing are chosen by God, for the willing chose Him. The willing are a threat to the kingdom of darkness. Two hundred thousand valiant men surrounded Amasiah, for He was willing to offer himself to the Lord. Why wouldn’t ten thousands more angels surround an army of
willing believers? God is calling us to step out of the crowd where the lazy sleep and step into a valiant life where the willing are victorious with Him.


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