Satisfied With Who God Is

John 5:17 But Jesus replied, “My Father is always working, and so am I.”

My thoughts: The plan God has for us is about having a relationship with Him and bringing Him glory by submitting to His ways. If you became a Christian to feel good about yourself, you are not in the right place. Being around Jesus shouldn’t ever make us feel good about ourselves, but will help us realize His unending greatness and our emptiness without Him. As we surrender ourselves to God, He brings us a life that is rich and satisfying. The life He brings isn’t rich and satisfying due to satisfaction of who we are, but because we are satisfied with who He is and what we can accomplish by His strength. The moment we become satisfied with who we are, is the moment we will miss where God is at. Just as He is always working and on the move, so should we. If He is always on the move, and we are standing still, then we are probably missing out on something significant. Don’t get me wrong, there is a peace that passes all understanding and a rest in God’s presence that comes from the abundant life only He can bring. However, we will also experience an urgency of the hour and a daily challenge to become more like Him. Many choose to back down when God calls them to step up. Let us not join the crowd of complacency, but embrace a life of surrender to His will.


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