Meaningless Words

Ecclesiasties 6:11 “The more words you speak, the less they mean. So what good are they?”

My thoughts: What if everyone was mute and could not speak for one day? What if for this one day we were forced to speak through our actions only (without using sign language)? What would people see underneath everything we ever said? Would what we said mean as much to them? What is it that we find in other people when they are silent? We can say things in less words especially when our lives already do the talking. Solomon doesn’t say words are bad, but asks if they are any good. What good are words in our own lives? Are they building people up or are they tearing people down? Are they creating an image of ourselves that doesn’t exist? Are they covering up an image of ourselves we believe exists? Are they creating a picture of others that seems miniscule compared to ourselves? Many times it is better not to say anything. If our lives are in surrender to God and we daily live out His will, maybe people will actually want to listen when we have something to say about Him. I believe our words will make the most impact when our lives back up what we say. The more we mean to ourselves, the more we will say to defend our self image and the less our words will mean to others.


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