Abandoned To Our Selfish Desires

Jeremiah 17:3,4 “So I will hand over my holy mountain- along with all your wealth and treasures and your pagan shrines- as plunder to your enemies, for sin runs rampant in your land. The wonderful possession I have reserved for you will slip from your hands. I will tell your enemies to take you as captives to a foreign land. For my anger blazes like a fire that will burn forever.”

My thoughts: The holy mountain, Mt. Zion, where the temple was located soon was abandoned by God because Judah left Him for pagan gods. God’s presence departs from those who abandon Him. This doesn’t mean God gives up on or stops loving us because we leave Him, but means He will remove His favor from us because we chose our way over His. The wonderful blessings He had in store for us will be given to someone willing to do what God asks. He will remove the covering of protection off of us and let us reap the sorrow of a life apart from Him. What a sad day it would be to see the very calling God intended for one of us given to someone who obeyed the One we refused to. God is always on the move and looking for someone He can trust right now, not thirty years down the road after they’ve tasted the world. This doesn’t mean God won’t receive and can’t still use those who have fallen into sin! He receives anyone with willingness to change and surrender their lives to Him. His mercy triumphs over judgment. However, just as God abandoned the temple because of their sinful practices, many congregations are being abandoned by God today. He will never abandon us to something we didn’t desire over Him. He gave us free will in the beginning not because He hates us, but because He wants a creation that will desire Him. God didn’t program us to worship Him, but created us to worship Him. It is our choice to worship God as we have been designed to. If we don’t, we will miss out on our sole purpose in life and never experience the wonderful freedom God has reserved for those who love Him.


One thought on “Abandoned To Our Selfish Desires

  1. Hello!

    Blessed to read these posts and watch some of your YouTube videos. I want to affirm that what you wrote above is excellent I just wanted to share some truths. I’m thankful for what your writing and I wish I had time to comment on more of them bc they are really a blessing.

    In scripture the Lord said Israel was Gods special treasure, chosen by the Lord, etc (Deut. 7:6), and the Lord loved His people Israel. Scripture says they were the apple of his eye. So when Israel was rampant with Sin as it says in that verse above in Jeremiah, it says the Lords anger would blaze as a fire that would burn forever. The Lord was angry over the sin that was rampant and corrupting generation after generation. So in his mercy he executed judgment, bc If he didn’t then the light that Israel was to be to the world would have been snuffed out. So the Lord disciplined his people with judgement. His judgment here is his love for Israel, and his love for the world. So that the seed that would one day come through Israel to the salvation of the world would not be corrupted. Every single thing the Lord does is because of His fierce love for the world.

    So in the new covenant this is depicted in Hebrews 12:6 “the Lord disciplines those he loves” and 1 Peter 4:17 “judgment begins with the household of God.” As a loving father disciplines his kids the Lord does so to the church, to raise her up to the fullness of who she is meant to be in Christ Jesus and to save the lost and perishing world around us.

    Individual members of the body of Christ who go astray the Lord will discipline them as a son. But scriptures say he will never leave them nor forsake them. And once a born again believer in Christ. The Holy Spirit abides in that believer (1 John 2:27) weather or not they ever walk into the fullness of relationship or grow at all. If they renounce Christ, then they reject him and shall perish. But the believer who has a true conversion to the Lord, no one can snatch them from the fathers hand, and the Lord does not come and go based on performance. For while they were enemies Christ died for them, and brought them into the kingdom of his beloved Son. If you do not reject/renounce Christ you will forever remain one of His.

    I will say though if you sow to the flesh you of the flesh reap corruption. Living a life as a born again believer in the carnal mind is not a fun life in my opinion. But the Lord will be faithful to them (to discipline and remind them of his love every chance he gets). His love for them does not depend on anything they ever do or don’t do. They just won’t reap the life and fullness of our walk with Him as its meant to be. But in the spirit they are righteous, fully pleasing, blameless, etc (Col 1:21-22).

    So If any of this bears witness with you as truth then Amen. And if not then throw it out! Just sharing some of the scriptures and things on my heart. Also feel free to challenge anything I said with scriptures if any come to mind. Always open to that as well.

    Blessings Brother,



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