A Perfect Balance

Proverbs 16:11 “The Lord demands accurate scales and balances; he sets the standards for fairness.”

My thoughts: What we believe is fair and just and what God knows is fair and just will many times be completely different. He doesn’t care if something is “fair in our standards” or not. A balancing scale has a balancing beam and two pans on each side. When both of the pans include the same amount of weight, the beam is in perfect balance. A person can place an object in one pan and standard weights in the other to discover what the object weighs. Many times as Christians, we will place God on one pan and try to weigh Him using our standard reasoning. This causes a great unbalance, for God’s perfect reasoning always outweighs man’s highest intellect. The character of God and His standard of fairness are accurate and perfectly balanced with no flaw at all. This perfect balance proves the stablity of His Kingdom that will never collapse or see destruction. Let us trust in our God.


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