A Redefining Moment

Luke 23:24 “So Pilate sentenced Jesus to die as they demanded.”

My thoughts: Pilate gave into the demands of the crowd and chose to please man rather than God. Peter denied Christ three times and compromised while Pilate defended Him three times and still compromised. Peter had a love for God, yet didn’t have an unwavering commitment (which we know he overcomes later). Pilate had the right intentions, yet didn’t have the passion to back it up. Good intentions without real passion is just as bad as denial. As Christians, we will face defining moments that will reveal where our value is. Pilate’s defining moment revealed that He valued the opinions of man. If someone or something means enough to us, we will give our lives for them or it. Everyday is a day for repentance. If we have made foolish decisions in the past, it isn’t too late to return to Him. Today could the redefining moment for your life.


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