The Narrow Door

Luke 13:24 “He replied ‘Work hard to enter the narrow door to God’s Kingdom, for many will try to enter but will fail.'”

My thoughts: It’s hard to enter a door we can’t fit through. The problem is not that the door is too small, but many of us our too big. We become spirituality fat and out of shape when we indulge ourselves with the world and pursue temporary pleasures that will never satisfy. We will only fit through the narrow door when we narrow our lives. How do we narrow our lives? By starving our sinful nature and feeding our spirit man. Our sinful nature craves sin. Sin is anything in opposition to God. God’s supernatural power can put an end to our sinful cravings. Our spirit man craves everything that God has. What God brings to the plate will always satisfy. The Bread of Life puts to shame the junk food of this world. We should never want something different after tasting the Bread of Life that God has to offer. However, just because we never should doesn’t mean we never will. To make it through the narrow door, we must follow a strict diet. Too many Christians are taste testing different foods. Some are trying both what the world has to offer and what God has to offer. The truth is, our taste buds may enjoy different foods, but only one appetite will make it through the narrow door- one for God. There is no squeezing your way through this door. There’s isn’t an easy way in. The door is open to everyone who can fit through it.


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