Operating Supernaturally

John 10:20 “Some said ‘He’s demon possessed and out of his mind. Why listen to a man like that?'”

My thoughts: When the people didn’t understand what Jesus was saying, they called it demonic. What makes us uncomfortable and what we don’t understand isn’t always demonic. God is supernatural and will work in ways that are natural to Him. What we see in the natural is impacted by what is happening in the supernatural. Evil supernatural forces (demons) are at work all across the globe, causing pain and deep, agonizing distress. Many doctors diagnose what they see in the natural (really,symptoms of the demons) as mental illnesses, anxiety, rage, etc. Medication doesn’t cause the demon to flee, spiritual warfare does. As Christians, we must not be fooled by what we see in the natural, but must ask God for supernatural discernment of spirits. When we see past the sin, and start warring against the demon that causes the sin, change will take place. Trust me, I have seen the benefits of spiritual warfare take place in my town. There is just as much evil happening today as there was in Jesus’ time. The only difference is, Jesus and His disciples actually put the demons in their place. The disciples exercised the authority God had given them! It’s easy to see the symptoms, yet takes real faith and discernment to point out the diagnosis. Jesus is always the cure. May we operate supernaturally as God does and die to what makes us comfortable.


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