Vision In Christ

John 1:8 “John himself was not the light; he was simply a witness to tell about the light.”

My thoughts: God enlightens our lives and gives us vision so we may then lead others to the One who gives vision and may know where to go ourselves.  We can’t lead people to someone we don’t see ourselves. Blindness either begins at birth, comes overtime from diseases of the eyes, or happens when damage is done to our sight. Everyone is born spiritually blind and doesn’t receive vision until being born again in Christ. Some Christians strain their eyes when taking their focus off of Jesus and putting it on something foolish, resulting again in spiritual blindness. Others have been damaged overtime by circumstances and lose their sense of direction in life. God is restoring sight and can bring enlightenment to any situation. We must recognize our blindness before receiving vision. May we focus in on Jesus and allow Him to give us eyes to see the way He does.


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