Trust Equals Action

Luke 8:22 “One day Jesus said to His disciples, ‘Let’s cross to the other side of the lake.’ So they got into a boat and started out.”

My thoughts: Jesus’ disciples were always on the move, staying or going where Jesus stayed or went. The disciples didn’t make themselves comfortable at one location, but continually followed Jesus wherever He was leading. Some of us Christians are stuck on one side of the lake, becoming satisfied with where we are at or where we have been, and never pressing forward to the next level. We haven’t been called to dwell on our past defeats or victories, but claim the victory that is ahead of us. If we aren’t willing to step into the boat, He will find someone else who is. There is an urgency of the hour we live in, and we must make the decision. Will we cross the lake? We don’t always know what will be on the other side, but must trust Jesus and remember that He knows what is best. There will be times we won’t understand before
doing something, and must take a
step of faith until we understand what He is calling us to. Trust equals action. Let us be those people!


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