Prayers For Israel

Romans 10:1 “Dear brothers and sisters, the longing of my heart and my prayer to God is for the people of Israel to be saved.”

My thoughts: God desires for every Christian to pray for His people and the nation of Israel. It saddens me that many of us Gentiles (everyone not Jewish) have forgotten that we are given the opportunity of salvation because many of God’s own people rejected the truth of the gospel. We must remember our position and intercede for the Jews. A large sum of the Jewish population is in Israel while many of them also live in the nations across the globe (including America). We have been called to be an outreach into their lives by sharing with them the message of hope every opportunity we are given and by praying for them! I believe there will be a great revival when Jews and Gentiles come together, put aside their own opinions, accept the word of God, and call upon His glory. Here is a list of things we can pray for the Jewish people-

°Those who practice Judaism  to have a vivid encounter with Jesus as Paul had on the road to Damascus so they may know that He alone is Messiah.

°An increase of signs and wonders happening through the hands of the Messianic Jews (Jews that believe the gospel message) so that faith and hope would begin to rise among Jewish people everywhere.

°Boldness and wisdom for the Messianic Jews and Gentile belivers to declare the gospel message with precision to soften the hard hearts.

°For God’s justice to roll in the nation of Israel and among Jewish people everywhere.

°Pray against the terrorist organizations that desire to see the Jewish race destroyed. Pray that they would be robbed of all weaponry, lose all their influence, become confused, and for the fear of God to be instilled inside them through an encounter with Him that leads them to repentance.

°For the heavens to be opened up over prime minister Netanyahu and for him to see that Jesus is the hope for his life, Israel, and Jewish people everywhere. 

°For an all-consuming, firey wall of protection to be around Jewish people everywhere.

°That the Israeli Army would see into the heavens the chariots of fire and legions of angels that go forth with them and for this revelation to bring salvation among them. Every man and women in Israel must join the army for a certain amount of years after graduating unless they are exempt for a certain reason. Men serve for three years and women serve for two. Imagine the great mass of salvations that would take place if they saw this vision!

°That Jews and Gentiles would come together with no enmity and be the unstoppable man they have been called to be.

°For God to raise up more leaders to declare the message of truth to the Jews

°Salvation among the Jews and a great revival among both them and the Gentiles that changes the course of history.

If you are interested in reading and learning more about the Jewish people and our role as Gentile believers, I encourage you to check out this website.


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