The Problem With Church Today

To all Christians condemning the gays:  We haven’t been called to point fingers, but to lead others to Jesus. Sin is sin, no matter how “big” or “small” it seems in your eyes. People who lie, gossip, slander or covet are just as guilty as those who are a homosexual. I am disappointed with the decision of the Supreme Court, yet I am even more disappointed with the sleeping churches of America. The truth is, if every church allowed God to attend their services, and pursued Him on a daily basis without compromising, there would be an opening up of the heavens over America. We would be displaying the greatness of God, not the foolishness of man. When will we learn to look at ourselves and allow the King of Glory to be strong over our lives? We make God look weak when we don’t allow Him to be strong over us. The world looks at Christianity and gets mixed emotions. Many of us look just like the world because we have no relationship with the One who came to save us from the world! We use God’s forgiveness as an excuse to live the same way! We don’t accept God’s grace. And no, grace is not a cover up for our sins, but an enablement to overcome what has hindered us and become what we couldn’t before. When we announce publicly that we are a Christian, then go and live just like the world, how do you think this makes Jesus look? The lost say to themselves “They don’t look any different than me!”

May we allow God to purge us of any self indulgence and idolatry. Yes, many church leaders are sleeping around with the idolatry of the world. Why do you think Jesus used the term “adulterous generation”? Israel was supposed to be a bride betrothed to Yahweh, but many of them rejected Yahweh when He came! God is calling us to purge our lives of adulterous relationships and begin having a relationship with Him. The truth is, God is more angry with hypocritical Christians today than the gays who are confused and lost. My prayer is that the church would put aside their own opinions and accept the Word of God! I pray that the church would stop worshiping an image of God that suits their lifestyle, and start allowing the reality of God to transform their lifestyle. May revival break out in every congregation and may Christians return to their first love.

1 Corinthians 5:12 “It isn’t my responsibility to judge outsiders, but it certainly is your responsibility to judge those inside the church who are sinning.”


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