What is revival? Well according to Robert Coleman it is the “awakening or quickening of God’s people to their true nature and purpose”. Another person by the name of Richard Owen Roberts says revival is “an extraordinary movement of the Holy Spirit producing extraordinary results”. I completely agree with these two, and I long to see revival. I long to see God’s people transformed by the almighty power and presence of Jesus. This can still happen. God is alive and can still change lives.

●”Why don’t we see revival often these days?” you may be asking yourself right now. “Why don’t we regularly experience an outpouring of God’s spirit at a church service?” One of the main reasons is because there aren’t many churches crying out for a move of God. We cannot expect God to just “show up” at a church service. The church has to cry out and show God that he means something to them for him to come down. The people of the church have to give God more than just a Sunday service if they want to see revival.

●Revival can still happen. We as a church can experience the glory of God. We can, but the only way we will is if we start praying for it. The only way we will is if we start giving God more time. We have to show God that he means something to us. Giving God just 10 minutes everyday can change your life. You will begin to feel peace, joy, and life. Also, if we all begin to give God more time he will begin to draw closer to us. If we begin to pray for revival everyday, it will come. For revival to come, it can’t just be two or three of us praying though, it has to be all of us. We as Christians need to be a unified body pursuing God wholeheartedly. A man by the name of Bill Johnson once said “It is impossible to pray for a breakthrough and not see something.” If we show God as an church that we want him, then he will come in powerful ways. We will experience him. A person named Frank Bartleman who was at the Azusa street revival said that the “The whole place stepped in prayer. God was in his holy temple. It was for man to keep silent. The shekinah glory rested there.” This amazes me. We can experience this, but we have to want it bad enough.

●The question is though: Do you want to see revival come to the churches of America? Are you willing to give God more time? God is looking all around the earth for a church who is passionate for him. A church who is in complete surrender to him. A church that remembers God more than once a week. A church who will let him have his way. I encourage everyone reading this to pray for a great awakening in the churches of America. Oh God, come once again.


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